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Web15/12/ · Thursday, December 15, This is our 13th Year on the Babypips Forum OFFSHORE FOREX BROKERS Here is an updated list of the offshore brokers vetted so far in this thread, and the results of our inquiry into whether these brokers will open new accounts for U.S. residents, given the current regulatory regime imposed by the CFTC WebPython is cool, no doubt about it. But, there are some angles in Python that are even cooler than the usual Python stuff. Here you can find Python tips and tricks carefully curated for you. There is probably something to impress almost anyone reading it. This is more like a Python Tricks Course that [ ] WebMost of the values are listed as the number of dollars needed to equal one of the selected currencies. The exception is the the Japanese Yen, which is quoted as the number of Yen required to equal one dollar. From the system tray hover over the XENITH icon (round orange with three white lines). From the Chart Options dialog Web4qqqq → Codeforces Round # (Div. 2) Editorial satyam_ → Codeforces Round # (Div. 2) xiaowuc1 → USACO First Contest Web15/11/ · Below are lists of the top 10 contributors to committees that have raised at least $1,, and are primarily formed to support or oppose a state ballot measure or a candidate for state office in the November general election. The lists do not show all contributions to every state ballot measure, or each independent expenditure committee ... read more

This part of the interview is targeted not only at getting to know you, but also at relaxing you. Be Specific, Not Arrogant Arrogance is a red flag, but you still want to make yourself sound impressive.

So how do you make yourself sound good without being arrogant? By being specific! Specificity means giving just the facts and letting the interviewer derive an interpretation.

CareerCup recommends that you stay light on details and just state the key points. Ask Good Questions Remember those questions you came up with while preparing? Now is a great time to use them! Structure Answers Using S. Structure your responses using S. That is, you should start off outlining the situation, then explaining the actions you took, and lastly, describing the result.

He stayed quiet during meetings, rarely chipped in during email discussions, and struggled to complete his components. I asked him open-ended questions on how he felt it was going, and which components he was excited about tackling. He suggested all the easiest components, and yet offered to do the write-up. I worked with him after that to break down the components into smaller pieces, and I made sure to complement him a lot on his work to boost his confidence.

He was able to finish all his work on time, and he contributing more in discussions. We were happy to work with him on a future project. As you can see, the SAR model helps an interviewer clearly see what you did in a certain situation and what the result was. com 30 At the Interview Handling Technical Questions General Advice for Technical Questions Interviews are supposed to be difficult.

Just start talking aloud about how you would solve it. What I mean here is that when you come up with an algorithm, start thinking about the problems accompanying it. When you write code, start trying to find bugs. Five Steps to a Technical Questions A technical interview question can be solved utilizing a five step approach: 1.

Ask your interviewer questions to resolve ambiguity. Design an Algorithm 3. Write your code, not too slow and not too fast. Test your code and carefully fix any mistakes. Step 1: Ask Questions Technical problems are more ambiguous than they might appear, so make sure to ask questions to resolve anything that might be unclear or ambiguous. You may eventually wind up with a very different — or much easier — problem than you had initially thought.

In fact, many interviewers especially at Microsoft will specifically test to see if you ask good questions.

Good questions might be things like: What are the data types? How much data is there? What assumptions do you need to solve the problem? Who is the user? An array? A linked list? Are they IDs? Values of something? We now have a pretty different problem: sort an array containing a million integers between 0 and How do we solve this? Just create an array with elements and count the number of ages at each value.

Step 2: Design an Algorithm Designing an algorithm can be tough, but our five approaches to algorithms can help you out see pg Step 3: Pseudo-Code Writing pseudo-code first can help you outline your thoughts clearly and reduce the number of mistakes you commit.

Just go at a nice, slow methodical pace. Also, remember this advice: »» Use Data Structures Generously: Where relevant, use a good data structure or define your own. This CareerCup.

com 32 At the Interview Handling Technical Questions shows your interviewer that you care about good object oriented design. This will give you plenty of space to write your answer.

Step 5: Test Yes, you need to test your code! Consider testing for: »» Extreme cases: 0, negative, null, maximums, etc »» User error: What happens if the user passes in null or a negative value? Also, when you find mistakes which you will , carefully think through why the bug is occuring. For example, imagine a candidate writes a function that returns a number. Not only does this look bad, but it also sends the candidate on an endless string of bugs and bug fixes. When you notice problems in your code, really think deeply about why your code failed before fixing the mistake.

Keep in mind that the more problems you practice, the easier it will to identify which approach to use. APPROACH I: EXAMPLIFY Description: Write out specific examples of the problem, and see if you can figure out a general rule. Example: Given a time, calculate the angle between the hour and minute hands. Approach: Start with an example like We can draw a picture of a clock by selecting where the 3 hour hand is and where the 27 minute hand is.

APPROACH II: PATTERN MATCHING Description: Consider what problems the algorithm is similar to, and figure out if you can modify the solution to develop an algorithm for this problem. Example: A sorted array has been rotated so that the elements might appear in the order 3 4 5 6 7 1 2.

How would you find the minimum element? Similar Problems: »» Find the minimum element in an array. However, binary search is very applicable.

You know that the array is sorted, but rotated. So, it must proceed in an increasing order, then reset and increase again. com 34 At the Interview Five Algorithm Approaches If you compare the first and middle element 3 and 6 , you know that the range is still increasing.

This means that the reset point must be after the 6 or, 3 is the minimum element and the array was never rotated. That is, for a particular point, if LEFT RIGHT, then it does. Then try to solve it. Example: A ransom note can be formed by cutting words out of a magazine to form a new sentence. How would you figure out if a ransom note string can be formed from a given magazine string? Simplification: Instead of solving the problem with words, solve it with characters.

That is, imagine we are cutting characters out of a magazine to form a ransom note. Algorithm: We can solve the simplified ransom note problem with characters by simply creating an array and counting the characters. Each spot in the array corresponds to one letter.

First, we count the number of times each character in the ransom note appears, and then we go through the magazine to see if we have all of those characters. When we generalize the algorithm, we do a very similar thing. This time, rather than creating an array with character counts, we create a hash table. Each word maps to the number of times the word appears.

APPROACH IV: BASE CASE AND BUILD Description: Solve the algorithm first for a base case e. Then, try to solve it for elements one and two, assuming that you have the answer for element one. Then, try to solve it for elements one, two and three, assuming that you have the answer to elements one and two. Example: Design an algorithm to print all permutations of a string. For simplicity, assume all characters are unique.

Then, insert s[n] into every location of the string. NOTE: Base Case and Build Algorithms often lead to natural recursive algorithms. Simply run through a list of data structures and try to apply each one. Example: Numbers are randomly generated and stored into an expanding array. How would you keep track of the median? Data Structure Brainstorm: »» Linked list? Probably not — linked lists tend not to do very well with accessing and sorting numbers.

Maybe, but you already have an array. Could you somehow keep the elements sorted? This is possible, since binary trees do fairly well with ordering. In fact, if the binary search tree is perfectly balanced, the top might be the median. A heap is really good at basic ordering and keeping track of max and mins. This is actually interesting — if you had two heaps, you could keep track of the biggest half and the smallest half of the elements.

The biggest half is kept in a min heap, such that the smallest element in the biggest half is at the root. The smallest half is kept in a max heap, such that the biggest element of the smallest half is at the root. Now, with these data structures, you have the potential median elements at the roots. Note that the more problems you do, the better instinct you will develop about which data structure to apply. com 36 At the Interview The Offer and Beyond Congrats! You got the offer! We have some other advice for you.

Ok, maybe not always, but usually an offer is negotiable even if a recruiter tells you otherwise. It helps if you have a competing offer. Also, technology is a small world, and people talk. Be honest. Think about the full offer package. Many companies will have impressive salaries, but small annual bonuses. Other companies will have huge annual bonuses, but lower salaries. Make sure you look at the full package salary, signing bonus, health care benefits, raises, annual bonus, relocation, stock, promotions, etc.

What about your career options? Even if money is all that matters, think about the long term career. What do you want to do 5, 10 and 15 years out? What skills will you need to develop? Which company or position will help you get there? As mentioned above, make sure you look at the full package. The products? The location? Some company names will open doors, while others will not as much. What about company stability? Personally, I think it matters much less than most people think.

There are so many software companies out there. If you get laid off and need to find a new job, will it be difficult to find a new one? Only you can answer that. On the job, and beyond Before starting at a company, make a career plan. What would you like your career to look like? What will it take to get there? Make sure you check in on your career plan regularly and are on track.

If what you want is to stay an engineer for life, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to run a company one day, or move up into management, you should stop and check your career plan. Is another year at your job going to help you get there? Or is it time to move?

You, and only you, can decide. com 38 At the Interview Top Ten Mistakes Candidates Make 1 Practicing on a Computer If you were training for a serious bike race in the mountains, would you practice only by biking on the streets? I hope not. The air is different. The terrain is different.

Put away the compiler and get out the old pen and paper. Use a compiler only to verify your solutions. Guess what? Your interviewer is judging those too! Behavioral prep is relatively easy and well-worth your time.

Looking over your projects and positions and think of the key stories. Rehearse the stories. See pg 29 for more details. Your whole school, or company, or whatever will be there.

Your future depends on this. And all you do to prepare is read the speech to yourself. In your head. Crazy, right? Not doing a mock interview to prepare for your real interview is just like this. You can even return the favor! Real preparation is about learning how to approach new problems. Speak up often, and try to talk your way through a solution. And it lets them guide you when you get off-track, helping you get to the answer faster. And it shows your awesome communication skills.

Rushing leads to mistakes, and reveals you to be careless. Go slowly and methodically, testing often and thinking through the problem thoroughly. I would hope not! So why do that in an interview? Or, on more complicated problems, test the code while writing it.

Duplicated code, messy data structures i. Bad, bad, bad! Break code into sub-routines, and design data structures to link appropriate data. These are tests that give you harder questions the better you do. Interviewing is sort of like this. Or, the questions might have just started out hard to begin with! com 40 At the Interview Frequently Asked Questions Do I have to get every question right? A good interviewer will stretch your mind.

Thus, if you have trouble on a question, all it means is that the interviewer is doing their job! Should I tell my interviewer if I know a question? This seems silly to some people - if you already know the question and answer , you could ace the question, right?

Not quite. Big honesty points. This shows a lot of integrity. Remember that the interviewer is evaluating you as a potential teammate. The question might have changed ever-so-slightly. They know how hard a problem is supposed to be. How should I dress? Generally, candidates should dress one small step above the average employee in their position, or as nice as the nicest dressed employees in their position.

In most software firms, this means that jeans nice jeans with no holes or slacks with a nice shirt or sweater is fine. In a bank or another more formal institution, avoid jeans and stick with slacks.

What language should I use? Almost all the solutions in this book are written in Java for this reason. Am I rejected? Responses can be held up for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with a good or bad performance. For example, an interviewer could have gone on vacation right after your interview. Can I re-apply to a company after getting rejected?

Almost always, but you typically have to wait a bit 6 months — 1 year. Lots of people got rejected from Google or Microsoft and later got an offer. How are interview questions selected? This depends on the company, but any number of ways: 1. Pre-Assigned List of Questions: This is unusual at bigger companies.

Usually, under this system, the interviewers have a way of tracking which questions were asked to a candidate to ensure a good diversity of questions. Approach 3 is the most common. What about experienced candidates? This depends a lot on the company. On average though, experienced candidates will slightly get more questions about their background, and they might face higher standards when discussing system architecture if this is relevant to their experience.

For the most part though, experienced candidates face much the same process. Yes, for better or worse, experienced candidate should expect to go through the same coding and algorithm questions.

com 42 Interview Questions How This Book is Organized We have grouped interview questions into categories, with a page preceding each category offering advice and other information. Note that many questions may fall into multiple categories. Within each category, the questions are sorted by approximate level of difficulty.

Solutions for all questions are at the back. Special Advice for Software Design Engineers in Test SDETs Not only must SDETs master testing, but they also have to be great coders. Thus, we recommend the follow preparation process: »» Prepare the Core Testing Problems: For example, how would you test a light bulb? A pen? A cash register? Microsoft Word? The Testing Chapter will give you more background on these problems.

Make sure that you prepare for all the same coding and algorithm questions that a regular developer would get. This file provides executable code for all the Java solutions. The solutions can be opened and run with Eclipse. Suggestions and Corrections While we do our best to ensure that all the solutions are correct, mistakes will be made.

Before your interview, make sure to practice both using and implementing hash tables. put s. getId , s ; return map; } ArrayList Dynamically Resizing Array : An ArrayList, or a dynamically resizing array, is an array that resizes itself as needed while still providing O 1 access. A typical implementation is that when a vector is full, the array doubles in size. Each doubling takes O n time, but happens so rarely that its amortized time is still O 1.

add w ; for String w : more sentence. append w ; return sentence. With StringBuffer or StringBuilder can help you avoid this problem. toString ; } 47 Cracking the Coding Interview Data Structures Chapter 1 Arrays and Strings 1. What if you can not use additional data structures? NOTE: One or two additional variables are fine. An extra copy of the array is not.

FOLLOW UP Write the test cases for this method. Can you do this in place? Given two strings, s1 and s2, write code to check if s2 is a rotation of s1 using only one call to isSubstring i. com 48 Chapter 2 Linked Lists How to Approach: Linked list questions are extremely common. These can range from simple delete a node in a linked list to much more challenging. Either way, we advise you to be extremely comfortable with the easiest questions.

Being able to easily manipulate a linked list in the simplest ways will make the tougher linked list questions much less tricky. You should be able to easily write this code yourself prior to your interview. next; } n. next; } } Cracking the Coding Interview Data Structures Chapter 2 Linked Lists 2. FOLLOW UP How would you solve this problem if a temporary buffer is not allowed? Write a function that adds the two numbers and returns the sum as a linked list.

Practice makes perfect! Here is some skeleton code for a Stack and Queue class. Implementing a Stack 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 class Stack { Node top; Node pop { if top! next; } } Node dequeue Node n { if front! next; return item; } return null; } } Cracking the Coding Interview Data Structures Chapter 3 Stacks and Queues 3.

Push, pop and min should all operate in O 1 time. If the stack gets too high, it might topple. Therefore, in real life, we would likely start a new stack when the previous stack exceeds some threshold. Implement a data structure SetOfStacks that mimics this. SetOfStacks should be composed of several stacks, and should create a new stack once the previous one exceeds capacity. push and SetOfStacks. pop should behave identically to a single stack that is, pop should return the same values as it would if there were just a single stack.

FOLLOW UP Implement a function popAt int index which performs a pop operation on a specific sub-stack. The puzzle starts with disks sorted in ascending order of size from top to bottom e.

You have the following constraints: A Only one disk can be moved at a time. B A disk is slid off the top of one rod onto the next rod. C A disk can only be placed on top of a larger disk.

Write a program to move the disks from the first rod to the last using Stacks. You should not make any assumptions about how the stack is implemented. The following are the only functions that should be used to write this program: push pop peek isEmpty. com 52 Chapter 4 Trees and Graphs How to Approach: Trees and graphs questions typically come in one of two forms: 1. Implement a modification of a known algorithm.

Either way, it is strongly recommended to understand the important tree algorithms prior to your interview. We do this until we hit an empty spot in the tree. Note: balancing and deletion of binary search trees are rarely asked, but you might want to have some idea how they work.

It can set you apart from other candidates. For the purposes of this question, a balanced tree is defined to be a tree such that no two leaf nodes differ in distance from the root by more than one. Avoid storing additional nodes in a data structure. NOTE: This is not necessarily a binary search tree. Create an algorithm to decide if T2 is a subtree of T1. Design an algorithm to print all paths which sum up to that value.

Note that it can be any path in the tree - it does not have to start at the root. Can you repeat that work in base 2? NOTE: The Windows Calculator knows how to do lots of operations in binary, including ADD, SUBTRACT, AND and OR.

Write a method to set all bits between i and j in N equal to M e. n] contains all the integers from 0 to n except for one number which is missing. In this problem, we cannot access an entire integer in A with a single operation. Write code to find the missing integer. Can you do it in O n time? com 58 Chapter 6 Brain Teasers Do companies really ask brain teasers?

While many companies, including Google and Microsoft, have policies banning brain teasers, interviewers still sometimes ask these tricky questions. This is especially true since people have different definitions of brain teasers. Start talking, and show the interviewer how you approach a problem. In many cases, you will also find that the brain teasers have some connection back to fundamental laws or theories of computer science.

Solve it for a small number of items or a special case, and then see if you can generalize it. Example You are trying to cook an egg for exactly fifteen minutes, but instead of a timer, you are given two ropes which burn for exactly 1 hour each.

The ropes, however, are of uneven densities i. The Approach 1. What is important? Numbers usually have a meaning behind them. The fifteen minutes and two ropes were picked for a reason. You can easily time one hour burn just one rope. Now, can you time 30 minutes? Can you burn the rope twice as fast? Light the rope at both ends. Work backwards: if you had a rope of burn-length 30 minutes, that would let you time 15 minutes.

Can you remove 30 minutes of burn-time from a rope? You can remove 30 minutes of burn-time from Rope 2 by lighting Rope 1 at both ends and Rope 2 at one end. Now that you have Rope 2 at burn-length 30 minutes, start cooking the egg and light Rope 2 at the other end. When Rope 2 burns up, your egg is done! You are given 31 dominos, and a single domino can cover exactly two squares. Can you use the 31 dominos to cover the entire board?

How would you come up with exactly four quarts of water? The hat is magical: it can be seen by other people, but not by the wearer of the hat himself. To remove the hat, those and only those who have a hat must dunk themselves underwater at exactly midnight.

If there are n people and c hats, how long does it take the men to remove the hats? The men cannot tell each other in any way that they have a hat. FOLLOW UP Prove that your solution is correct. If an egg drops from the Nth floor or above it will break. Find N, while minimizing the number of drops for the worst case. A man begins by opening all one hundred lockers.

Next, he closes every second locker. Then he goes to every third locker and closes it if it is open or opens it if it is closed e. After his one hundredth pass in the hallway, in which he toggles only locker number one hundred, how many lockers are open? A poor performance on this type of question raises serious red flags.

How do you design a class if the constraints are vague? Ask questions to eliminate ambiguity, then design the classes to handle any remaining ambiguity.

Consider the following approach: 1. What are you trying to do with the deck of cards? Ask your interviewer. For example, the core items might be: Card, Deck, Number, Suit, PointValue 3. Have you missed anything?

Now, get a little deeper: how will the methods work? If you have a method like Card Deck:. getCard Suit s, Number n , think about how it will retrieve the card. Object Oriented Design for Real World Object Real world objects are handled very similarly to software object oriented design. Suppose you are designing an object oriented design for a parking lot: 1. What are your goals? For example: figure out if a parking spot is taken, figure out how many cars of each type are in the parking lot, look up handicapped spots, etc.

Now, think about the core objects Car, ParkingSpot, ParkingLot, ParkingMeter, etc— Car has different subclasses, and ParkingSpot is also subclassed for handicapped spot. Have we missed anything?

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On the Broker Aid Station forum, a discussion got started about trading through foreign brokers who are outside the jurisdiction of the CFTC. Then, in subsequent posts, we can talk about specific foreign brokers, and whether there are advantages to trading with them. Gensler set up a straw-man — the leverage limit — and we all bravely attacked and destroyed the straw-man, thinking it was the enemy. The CFTC never intended to impose a leverage limit on retail forex in the U.

From the very beginning, their objective was ; and they achieved their objective completely. Many reasonable folks, including several on this forum, have pointed out the hazards of using too much leverage, and have endorsed the new CFTC limit. Which misses the point entirely. It is not the proper business of government to regulate the way we live our lives. It is not the proper business of government to tell us how many calories we may consume, or how much we may drink, or how much of our paychecks we may spend on lottery tickets, or HOW MUCH FOREX LEVERAGE WE MAY USE.

residents where they may do their banking, or where they may do their trading. forex brokers where they may set up foreign branches, or whom they may accept as customers in those foreign branches. It is appropriate for the government to require brokers to furnish full and honest disclosure of the risks involved in forex trading, and to furnish full and honest disclosure of the terms and conditions of the trading accounts which they offer.

And it is appropriate for the government to prosecute fraud wherever and whenever it occurs in any of the financial markets. The CFTC has U. forex brokers by the throat: By threatening their ability to do business in the U. But, the CFTC has no authority over foreign brokers who operate entirely outside the U. See the Note, below.

And under current law, the CFTC has no authority over individual traders who trade through foreign brokers that are beyond the reach of U. S regulation. The U. government claims the authority, through the IRS, to require U. residents to report foreign accounts which we hold — bank accounts, brokerage accounts, etc.

But, they cannot yet prevent us from having those accounts. The CFTC, and their sock-puppet the NFA, are behaving like the rest of the Nanny State: They are acting like our rulers, rather than our public servants. These people seem to believe they have the right and the power to do anything they want to do. Soon after we began this search for offshore forex brokers, we discovered that the CFTC and other U. regulatory agencies have their tentacles deep inside many foreign governments, through a series of nasty, little agreements known as Memoranda of Understanding.

These agreements have effectively extended U. regulation to cover U. residents doing business in countries which have signed the agreements. There still are countries where these agreements do not yet exist — and we are eager to find reliable brokers within those countries who will do business with us. And there are a few offshore brokers, in Memorandum countries, who have the courage to defy the over-reaching U.

regulatory authorities, and welcome U. residents as clients — and we are eager to identify these brokers, and to consider client relationships with them. Earlier this week, I called ACM in Switzerland, and dbFX in New York, and specifically asked whether they are subject to CFTC regulation in any way, and whether they accept U.

residents as clients. ACM Advanced Currency Markets, Geneva, Switzerland is completely beyond the reach of the CFTC. They have canceled their plans to open a U. subsidiary it was to be called ACM-US , and they now have no U. ACM is regulated by FINMA in Switzerland; they have an application pending with the Swiss banking authorities to become a Swiss bank; and they welcome U.

Here is the ACM website — Online Forex Trading Currency Trading ACM. dbFX is the retail forex brokerage division of Deutsche Bank. As a bank, Deutsche Bank is domiciled and regulated in Germany.

But, their forex operation, dbFX, is domiciled in the U. Deutsche Bank the German-domiciled bank has a large presence in the U. dbFX the U. I have placed my name on a list of people to be notified when that determination is made, and I will pass that info on to you, when I get it.

Here is the dbFX website — Forex Trading Online Currency Trading Rates FX Research dbFX. Have you looked at Dukascopy at all? I currently use DukC and like em as a broker. I spoke with them yesterday to make sure that the CFTC NFA crap would not affect my account. Hope all is well with you. I have pretty much deforumed if thats the word due to the fact that I have a fulltime job, as well as try to trade as much as possible, so something has to go. I do check in now and then but nothing like 6 or 8 months ago when I spent hours a week reading and commenting.

Glad to see you still over here. dukascopy is not going to accept US clients, from what I was told. If you have any information to the contrary please let me know. Thanks for the info. I approached them a few days ago, and they said the wouldnt accept us clients. Maybe I was speaking to someone uninformed over there. I am going to call them again. It seems as though most of the AUS firms will continue to accept us clients, vantage, gomarkets, forex fs.

Plus the two from panama forex-metal, and eforex. Additionally, while I understand the issue with us based companies with international affiliates having to comply with the CFTC. What is the primary issue for non CFTC regulated firms refusing to accept us clients? If the CFTC has no jurisdiction, what could they possibly do? Does anyone know anything about liteforex I could not find any US locations listed on the website.

I am interested in liteforex because of the small trade size allowed. Clint I totally agree with your sentiment and frustration with our government making regulations under the pretense of protecting ourselves from ourselves. Its BS!! In reality a leverage cap should not affect a trader that uses any sort of risk management and has a few bucks in the account.

The new regs as they are now will probably not affect my trading much. Its that dam slippery slope that has lower margin limits, higher minimum balances, limits on trade frequency, fees on transactions trades , and the big one even higher taxes at the bottom of the slope that has me worried and considering finding a way to move offshore.

Epic post Clint! Im a US resident and im moving out by FOREX account, due to NFA being a puppet! Edit: I would also like to ask: As a US citizen, is my capital covered by EU, FSA, FINMA regulations if the broker I choose is regulated with one of these institutions? I was using this particular site mainly because it has a longer list of brokers over than any other site that I am aware of.

These lists have to be taken as raw data, at this point. The brokers listed here may or may not meet your particular criteria for a forex broker. For example, these lists have not been filtered for any of the following criteria: 1 are U.

clients accepted? CMS Forex — Forex - Forex Trading - FX - FX Trading - CMS Forex UK. Activ Trades — Activtrades - Forex, CFD, Futures. New MT4.

Low or Zero Commission. Alpari UK — Forex trading FX with Alpari UK - Online currency trading. Finotec — Forex, Forex Trading, Online Forex Trading Platform - Finotec UK Trading. HY Markets — HY Markets Home. One Financial — One Financial Markets Trading Broker —Regulated by FSA London, UK. Banque — CIM Swiss Forex Bank - Private Banking Geneva, forex broker. Dukascopy — Dukascopy Bank SA Swiss Forex Bank ECN Broker Managed accounts Swiss FX trading platform.

Tadawul FX — Online forex trading with leading online forex broker Tadawul FX. dbFX — Forex Trading Online Currency Trading Rates FX Research dbFX.

Varengold — Successful Forex Trading with Varengold Bank FX. Axi Trader — Forex Trading Forex Broker Forex Brokers Forex Trading Platform. GO Markets — Online Forex Trading MetaTrader 4 Brokers - GO Markets.

IG Markets - Australia — CFD Trading Account CFD Account. Latitude FX — Trade foreign exchange online - Live currency trading. WSD — WSD Global Markets Ltd : The online trading provider matching highest standards in integrity and safety.

Saxo Bank — Forex Trading Online Trade FX, CFDs, FX Options at Saxo Bank. In most cases, the brokers have furnished enough information that you can decide whether you want to take a closer look at them. It supposedly allows you to search for brokers based on almost any criteria you can think of: country, language, regulation, type of platform, pip spreads, etc.

However, the search feature seems to search only the minimal data which has been displayed by the brokers themselves in their respective listings, and this leads to search results that can be bizarre.

For example, I filtered the entire list of over brokers with just two criteria: 1 brokers in the United States, and 2 brokers who accept U.

Obviously, every broker in the U. accepts U. brokers, the search feature returned 51 broker names. So, those are the search criteria I used to compile the lists shown above. Too cool. Clint I just had a look at those banks you are not mistaken in your observation. to funny. Thank you for the list Clint. I am going to talk to as many as I can today, and get answers regarding US clients for anyone that is interested.

Going offshore to escape the CFTC Broker Discussion Forex Brokers. Thursday, December 15, This is our 13th Year on the Babypips Forum. Definition — Offshore Forex Broker A retail forex broker domiciled in a jurisdiction outside the U.

This icon denotes recent changes in posts 1 thru 4. Group 1 — 11 Brokers Offshore Brokers That Will Continue to Accept New U. Clients Notes. Can someone recommend me a good and reliable broker?

Regulated vs unregulated. Is Finpro any good? Fin Pro Trading. Found a Forex Trader for Albertans. List of Brokers - TO NOT USE - The Scammer List. Unregulated brokers illegal? Whats the Risk? Help Please! Best Forex Brokers — Forex Trading Platforms Compared. Funding in Bitcoin? Opening a forex account with a foreign forex broker from the US.

Broker in quebec. US based traders. CFTC Regulated Broker for USA. Canadian Brokers? Myfxchoice or oanda. Legit ECN Broker? Spot forex in USA.

Looking for a current list of trusted Offshore Brokers. Should I Go With US Based Brokers Or One Of The Offshore Trusted Brokers Recommended By BabyPips? Regulated US Broker suggestion. Give me some advices. Best Broker for me? Which broker to start with?

How can I find a good partner or broker?

This site requires JavaScript. Yes, Refinitiv DataLink does provide Forex data. Forex data is also referred to as the spot prices for currencies. The format for DataLink Forex symbols is as follows:. Note : Aside from the 3 examples above with "RD-" prefixes, all currencies vs.

US Dollar follow the Australian Dollar example. Most of the values are listed as the number of dollars needed to equal one of the selected currencies. The exception is the the Japanese Yen, which is quoted as the number of Yen required to equal one dollar. Keywords: Refinitiv DataLink, FOREX, MetaStock, EOD, DC. Yes, Refinitiv DataLink does back-adjust for Capital Gains and Dividends. The data is provided from Lipper, a Refinitiv Company, the preeminent provider of fund data and analysis.

The MutualFunds. Keywords to include: DC, EOD, Refinitiv DataLink. How can I check to see if XENITH is connected to the real time servers? There are three ways to check if XENITH is connected to the real time servers, from the Alerts icon on the XENITH toolbar, in the About dialog within the XENITH application, and from the XENITH icon located in the system tray.

Alerts icon on the XENITH toolbar:. About dialog within the XENITH application:. XENITH icon from the system tray:. Keywords: MetaStock, real time, XENITH. The "My Apps" view is a display that can be used to customize apps in XENITH, it is used to display most used apps for quickly access. To add apps to the My Apps display:. To remove apps from the My Apps display:. Keywords: MetaStock, XENITH. Themes are new to MetaStock version These now control the colors and styles of your chart.

There are two ways to change the theme. To change the theme on a chart, follow the steps below:. MetaStock 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and MetaStock Keywords: DC, RT, Pro, EOD, Professional. How do I build formulas using the XENITH Excel Add-In? Keywords: XENITH, Pro, RT. We added the ability to change the amount of significant digits displayed in the chart in fractions.

To change this setting in your chart, follow the steps below:. How do I change the background color of my chart? Keywords: MetaStock, PRO, RT, DC, EOD. How do I change the font size of the Quoteline app in XENITH? The margin is the empty area at the end of the data. You can adjust the size of this empty area. To change the margin setting, follow the steps below:. How do I check to see what version of XENITH is installed on my PC?

The MetaStock file format database will support up to individual securities and can contain records each. Each folder will have it's own database. How do I convert MSLocal data to CSV in DownLoader?

With the release of DownLoader 15 we also released our new file format. This document will help you convert your MSLocal files to the CSV format. Keywords: DownLoader, Convert, MSLocal, CSV. Keywords: DownLoader, MetaStock, Legacy, MSLocal, Copy. How do I create a layout in MetaStock? A layout is a graphical representation of one or multiple instruments in one or multiple windows charts.

A layouts can contains price plots, line studies, text, or indicators etc. mwl file extension. With a layout, you can group charts of the same or different instruments into one manageable unit.

For example, perhaps you'd like to see charts of all of your computer stocks on the screen ¾ not just today, but every day. mwl extension. Below provides instructions on how to create a layout. MetaStock v Keywords: MetaStock DC, MetaStock RT, Layouts, multiple, charts.

How do I create a multi-chart template in MetaStock? In version 18 you must first save a layout before saving the multi-chart template, which is a slight change from previous versions. How do I create a new custom Local Data list in MetaStock?

In order to chart local data files in MetaStock, the instruments must be added to MetaStock as local data lists. The supported file formats for MetaStock v15 and later are MSLocal, MS Legacy and CSV. Support file formats for MetaStock versions 14 and 13 are CSV. MetaStock 14 - Current. To create a new custom list of Local Data files:. In the Power Console double click on Local Data Lists or right click on Local Data Lists and select New.

Enter a name for the list. Click Browse. Click Browse again if your files are located in a different folder than what is displayed. Open the folder that contains your local data and click the Select Folder button. Select the instrument s and click Add. Click Save when completed. How do I create a new Exploration scan in MetaStock? How do I create a new System Test in MetaStock? Keywords: MetaStock DC, MetaStock RT, custom test, back testing. How do I create a user-defined pattern in the Forecaster in MetaStock?

MetaStock v15 - Current. Keywords: MetaStock DC, MetaStock RT, Forecaster. How do I create a new MSLocal data files in Downloader? With the release of DownLoader v15 we also released our new file format, MSLocal. The new file format database will support up to individual securities and can contain records each.

Each folder will have its own database. The file can grow quite large. This FAQ provides steps on how to create folders and add data files to said folders. A template contains all the information in a chart or layout excluding the base instrument. A template is applied to an instrument either to an existing open chart or when opening a chart at which time a new chart or layout is created based on the template's information.

mwt extension. If the information from a template came from a single chart, then a chart is created when the template is applied. If the information came from a layout, then a multi-chart layout is created. Applying a template from an open chart:. Keywords: MetaStock DC, EOD, MetaStock RT, Pro, template. How do I cycle through open charts using the same template?

The "use chart as template" options allows MetaStock users to apply the template of the current chart to other charts they wish to quickly cycle through.

The "use chart as template" option is not enabled by default and must be turned on in order to take advantage of this feature in MetaStock, below details how to enable this option in MetaStock. MetaStock 12 and Keywords: MetaStock, Pro, RT, EOD, RD, Template. How do I delete a MSLocal data file in DownLoader? Keywords: MetaStock DC, MetaStock RT, System Test, Backtesting.

Knowledge Base (FAQs),What does it mean to be unbanked?

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